Parenting Strategies: On the Same Page

It can be stressful for everyone, including the kids, if parents and/or caregivers are not on the same page. Those who attended the most recent Parenting Strategies program received some excellent advice from the experts at AllHealth Network, opens a new window, Jennifer Morris and Annie Deutschmann. If you missed it, never fear! You can watch a recording of the program on YouTube, opens a new window.

Helpful Takeaways 

  • Family culture: Take time to figure out what you and your parenting partner(s) want for your children. What are your family’s priorities and values? What types of experiences do you hope for? 
  • Decide which things from your own childhood you would like to keep and those you would like to let go. 
  • Conversations are key! Talk with your partner about your preferred child-rearing philosophy and approach. Be open to learning about each other’s whys and don’t hesitate to do a little research if you need reinforcement, greater understanding or new strategies. 
  • Important as they are, conversations should also happen privately and not in front of the kids! 
  • Start with your similarities. What can you agree on? The goal should be to move toward the middle and find something that works for both parents and children.

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Parenting Strategies: On the Same Page

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