Rewards Can Come Cheap

We all want to reward our children for new habits, tackling scary first-time events or occasionally for good behavior. How can you do this without breaking the bank, though?

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Pick an extra library book or bedtime story.
    • You can't go wrong with reading!
  • Stickers
    • These classics continue to be great incentives for children.
    • Bonus: let them wear it wherever they'd like on their body.
  • Choose your own outfit.
    • Elsa dress! Batman cape! Cowboy boots!
  • Breakfast for dinner.
    • Pancakes are great any time of the day.
  • Stay up 15 minutes past bedtime.
    • Extra time to play = golden.
  • Choose the music.
    • Those who control the music control the vibe.
  • Cook or bake with you.
    • One-on-one time is so special to children.
  • They pick the playground.
    • You know the one with the best slides? That one.

What rewards do you use to motivate your child? We'd love to hear about them!