Take Your Job Search to the Next Level

With so many resources available, the search for an open position can become a full-time job. If you are just starting your search, you can use the resources on the Career & Job Help page.

However, if you are already on Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster, here are some ways to expand your search. 

First, create a list of career fields you're interested in, as well as a list of potential employers. Need help identifying the right career field for you? Check out Job & Career Accelerator's "Find a Career Match" page.

Once you have identified your interests, check city, county and state government websites for openings that are a match. Some of these opening do not appear on job boards.

You can also review the website for each potential employer on your list. Organizations often post only a fraction of their positions on job boards like Indeed.com. 

Once you have identified career fields and companies you are interested in, search for a company name from your list using Data Axle Reference Solutions. This will allow you to learn more about that company, as well as locate local competitors with job openings 

In addition to checking employer and government websites, you can search for career specific openings through niche job boards. Browse popular niche job boards listed by The Balance in the article Top 24 Niche Job Sites, opens a new window by Alison Doyle.  

Another extensive list is Hiring Success Journal's 50 Best Niche Job Boards, opens a new window by David Smooke. 

You can find more niche job boards by searching your career field or your target location along with the words "job board."