USB-C Explained: 5 Reasons Why It’s Better Than Old USBs

Although USB has been around for quite some time, a new type of USB is already out and it's sort of amazing. It's called USB-C and since its debut in 2016, it's made its way to a variety of smartphones, laptops and tablets.

So what's all the buzz about? How is it different than other USB cables and why is the best?

It's fast. Really fast.

USB-C can reach data speeds of up to 10Gbps — which is as fast as USB 3.1's top speed of 5Gbps

The plug is symmetrical and works both ways.

No more frustrations of plugging in your USB the right way (although we have great hack for getting it right every time). The new plug is symmetrical and is frustration free.

It can charger larger devices.

Unlike older USB cables, this cable is capable of supplying some serious power, meaning it can charge your laptop even. 

It's faster at charging too.

Faster charging means less time tethered to an outlet and more time getting stuff done!

One port to sync them all.

Why have five different ports on your computer to connect with your TV, projector, mouse, hard drive and headphones? With one adapter that can easily work both with your phone and your laptop, you can get connected fast, with smoother connections to these devices.

Sounds pretty good, right?