Use Your Phone as Your Library Card

Forget your library card at home? Or is your library card so well-used that it won't even scan anymore (but you're too attached to it to replace it)? We have a solution for that. Get a loyalty app on your phone and never worry about your card again.

All you do is enter (or scan) your library card number into the app, and the app will save your barcode so you have easy access to your card as long as you have your phone. This is also a great option for families who check out each other's materials! As a bonus, not only can you save your library card, but you can save ALL your loyalty, reward and membership cards. 

Get started by downloading an app. We tested CardStar and Key Ring and both work well. Just enter your library card number (both apps have options to manually enter the number or scan it), enter the merchant name (that's us—Arapahoe Libraries) and save! Tap on your saved cards to open your library card anytime you need it.

Now instead of your library card, you can just take your phone to the self-checks. All you need to do is open your app, open your saved library card and hold your phone in front of the scanner.

Tip: If the scanner is having trouble reading the barcode on your phone, try turning the brightness up. Screen protectors can also make reading the barcode a bit more difficult. If all else fails, you can always manually enter your library card number into our self-checks.

Get CardStar on the App Store for iOS

Get Key Ring on the App Store for iOS and Google Play, opens a new window for Android