World War Potato Chip

I recently visited Mrs. Brooks's 4th Grade class at Lois Lenski Elementary to talk about writing and editing. The students are ready to share the special story they created that day with the world. Enjoy!!

World War Potato Chip

On a frosty afternoon we ate lunch and shuffled out to the playground. When the bell rang we trampled inside like a big herd of buffalo to find a massive surprise. Ruby U.’s mom and her friends from the library were in our toasty classroom! After Ruby U.’s mom told us what we were working on, we played games and had lots of fun.

We started a riveting story, but before we finished a sentence the desks started floating. Out of nowhere a UFO came crashing through the wall like a wrecking ball. Then the chairs started floating and some of us clung to our chairs, so we got toppled. All of a sudden the chairs disappeared along with the desks and everyone who was holding a chair fell to the ground. Three-eyed aliens stole the top secret information we were writing. With this information there’s a 99.999% chance they might end the world.

The next thing we knew the desks came back as the Desk Star! Then Darth Vader came down and whined, “I’m hungry. Can I just have some potato chips?” Miley Cyrus drove through the wall in limo filled with unicorns singing, “I came in like a wrecking ball!” Darth Vader and Miley had a sing off.

Meanwhile outside the war started between the students and the aliens. We had a food fight with potato chips and everyone was catching them with three fingers and eating them. The unicorns flew in and stealthily stole the secret information from the UFO while the war was happening. The unicorns nicely returned the information to us which ended World War Potato Chip.

I woke from my dream at my desk. I didn’t even realize I’d fallen asleep! I muttered, “I’m hungry.” My teacher said, “It’s snack time.” I looked in my desk and found potato chips. I said, “Never mind, I lost my appetite!”

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