Family Place Libraries

Family Place Libraries, opens a new window create a welcoming library environment for children beginning at birth. By connecting parents with the resources, programs and services offered at the library and other family service agencies, and by reaching out to non-traditional library users, Family Place Libraries are an engaging resource designed to promote early literary and learning. Visit a Family Place Library at Koelbel, May, Sheridan and Smoky Hill libraries.

Parents, caregivers and children can play with puppets and play kitchens, blocks and dolls, manipulative toys and more to keep young minds captivated. Browse a dedicated book collection focused on all aspects of raising children.

Staff and early childhood specialists offer four-week-long Play and Learn Workshops twice a year, geared for children aged 1-3 (siblings aged 0-5 are welcome). Play and Learn workshops are led by nutritionists, child speech pathologists and child behavior specialists, with one session dedicated entirely to early literacy and learning. To attend a Play and Learn Workshop, or to register for upcoming Children's Literary programs for children ages 0-5, view early literacy events, opens a new window.

Learn about how the "Family Place" library program is transforming libraries, opens a new window.

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