Book Buying Guide—Preschoolers

Find the perfect book for your inquisitive preschooler!

In our last installment of the series, help them travel to new worlds by using this list of what to look for in a great books for ages 3 to 5 years.

  • Non-Fiction      
    • These little adventurers are learning as much about the world as they can. Reading true books will help them on their quest to figure out their environment close to home and far away.
  • Favorite Subjects      
    • Find out what they're really interested in right now. You'll feed their passion and show that you care about them.
  • Humor      
    • Nothing is funnier to a preschooler than underwear. Just say the word and they get the giggles.
  • Your Favorites      
    • Do you remember what your favorite book was when you were a child? When you share a book that is meaningful to you, you're showing your preschooler that books are important.
  • Wordless Picture Books      
    • These books give children a chance to use pictures to make their own story. See where their imagination takes them!
  • Books That Pop      
    • Children this age have the fine motor skills to really get a kick out of pop up books and books that have extra interactive parts.
  • Award Winners      

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