Every Day is Earth Day

Arapahoe Libraries is dedicated to being as energy efficient and environmentally aware as we can be. Here is a recap of our recycling and energy efficiency efforts for one year. 

Recycled or Repurposed:

Discarded books: approx. 91,305 lbs
Discarded media: approx. 6,012 lbs
Carpet tiles: approx. 29,430 lbs
Batteries: approx. 396.5 lbs
Lamps/bulbs & ballasts: approx. 935 lbs
Single stream recycling of: paper, aluminum, cardboard, glass (all colors), plastic 1-7 and more

Energy Efficiency:

Below are Arapahoe Libraries stats compared to other EnergyStar median properties. We are comparing the source energy usage -which is the total amount of raw fuel required to operate our facilities.
Support Services: 50.3% better
Castlewood: 65.2% better
Koelbel: 49.7% better
Eloise May: 48.7% better
Sheridan: 32.5% better
Smoky Hill: 36.3% better

Because we consider every day to be earth day, we're always looking for new and improved ways to save energy and take care of our planet. There is no plan(et) B!