How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher About Bullying

If you suspect your child is being bullied...

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  1. Document all of the bullying incidents your child mentions and include where, when and who was involved. 
  2. Meet with your child's teachers in a friendly, non-confrontational way. Be as honest and respectful as you can. The teachers want to help you and your child, so expect that they will be on your side. Scheduling a face to face meeting is important, because sometimes email can be easily misinterpreted. 
  3. Ask the teacher how your child interacts with other students or if they suspect any bullying.
  4. Share any documentation you've kept regarding the bullying behavior, including other children involved. 
  5. Ask the teacher about the steps he or she plans to take to stop the bullying.
  6. Ask to speak with the school's guidance counselor.  
  7. Ask the school to keep written records and document the conversations. 
  8. Take and keep notes about your interactions with all school staff you talk with. 
  9. Schedule a time in the future to continue to discuss progress.

If a teacher tells you your child is bullying another child... 

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  1. Schedule a meeting with your child's teacher to understand what took place. Was it a physical altercation or was there name calling? This will help determine how to talk to your child about what happened. 
  2. Create a plan with your child. If your child feels badly, talk about why it is important to apologize. If another child is involved, talk about peer pressure. You can even practice how to standup to bullying and model a good response. 
  3. If the bullying is a pattern of aggressive behavior, speak to the school's guidance counselor, psychologist or an outside counselor.  
  4. Check in and check back. Work with your child's teacher to monitor your child's progress. 

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