To, With and By

We'd like to share with you the To, With and By concept for new readers.

As your child becomes an independent reader, don't forget to continue reading aloud to your child. When you head to the library for more books for your voracious bibliophile, consider sorting your books into three categories:

  • A book to read TO your child
  • A book to read WITH your child
  • A book for your child to read BY themselves

Are you wondering how to decide which books go into each pile? Try the five finger rule. Ask your child to read a page (aloud or to themselves) and hold up one finger for every word they don't know. One or two fingers, that's a book the child can read by themselves. Three fingers, read with your child. Four or five, read to your child.

By focusing on the child's interests, you'll reinforce that reading is a fun activity for the whole family, a way for you to bond together and a quiet activity when your child needs alone time.

If you need help finding titles, we're here to help! Click on the Book Suggestions link here or on the left side of our 0 to 5 page.