Weird Colorado

We all know Colorado is pretty wonderful, but some parts of Colorado can be pretty weird as well. Consider some of the lesser-known places to visit in the Centennial State and take a walk on the weird side.

Sculptured House, opens a new window

Better known as the Spaceship House or Flying Saucer House, this futuristic structure located atop Genesee Mountain can be seen from I-70 just west of Denver. Featured in Woody Allen's comedy Sleeper, this landmark was renovated in 2018 and is now used to host private events.

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B-17 Bomber Crash Site, opens a new window

If you're a hiker looking for a unique adventure, this 6-mile out-and-back trail near Bellvue offers the opportunity to explore the wreckage of a World War II era bomber, opens a new window. This B-17 went off course during a training mission in 1944 and crashed into a mountainside in an area known for strong winds.

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Bishop Castle, opens a new window

In the mountains southwest of Pueblo, you'll find a castle constructed by the ongoing efforts of just one man. In 1969 Jim Bishop began building what would become Bishop Castle, opens a new window. The stone and iron castle is now a 3-story spectacle that includes a ballroom and a fire-breathing dragon. Visitors are welcome free of charge.

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Rainbow Falls, opens a new window

You may have gone OVER the bridge linking Manitou Springs to Highway 24, but if you've never gone UNDER it, you're in for a surprise. Rainbow Falls, opens a new window is a waterfall tucked beside the overpass, but this site is famous for the large amount of graffiti painted on the canyon walls and nearby bridge.

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Coney Island Hot Dog Stand, opens a new window

What could be weirder than a diner shaped like a giant hot dog with all the toppings? This 42-foot-long roadside novelty was originally built on Colfax Ave in Denver in 1966. The Coney Island Boardwalk is now located in Bailey just off Highway 285.

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UFO Watchtower, opens a new window

The only paid exhibit on this list is the UFO Watchtower, opens a new window in Saguache County, to the west of Great Sand Dunes National Park. A sight infamous for alien encounters, you can camp overnight or just spend some time UFO-watching from their observation platform.

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Frozen Dead Guy Days, opens a new window

Every March the mountain town of Nederland celebrates their resident dead guy, Bredo Morstol, aka Grandpa, with a three-day festival that includes coffin races and a polar plunge. Find out more about Frozen Dead Guy Days, opens a new window.

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Mike the Headless Chicken, opens a new window

In 1945 a farmer in the small town of Fruita beheaded a chicken he was planning to serve for dinner, but oddly, the beheading didn't kill the chicken. Mike the Headless Chicken, opens a new window lived for 18 months during which time he toured the country and was featured in Life and Time magazines and dozens of other publications. You can view a sculpture dedicated to Mike on the corner of Aspen and Mulberry Streets in Fruita.

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Stanley Hotel, opens a new window

Rumored to be haunted and the inspiration for Stephen King's Overlook Hotel in the novel The Shining, The Stanley Hotel, opens a new window in Estes Park is a Colorado landmark sure to give you goosebumps.

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Cheyenne Mountain Complex, opens a new window

Did you know that the air defense center for all of North America is right here in Colorado? Buried deep in the heart of a mountain next to Colorado Springs, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, opens a new window is a super bunker designed to withstand a nuclear onslaught.

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Swetsville Zoo, opens a new window

Just a few minutes off I-25 in Fort Collins, you can visit a zoo that's not filled with animals, but rather with 180 metal sculptures crafted to look like giant creatures. Swetsville Zoo's future is uncertain, opens a new window, so if you're considering a visit, don't delay and be sure to call before you go!

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