Recording Studios

What are the Recording Studios?

Smoky Hill and Southglenn Libraries offer a soundproof Studio, complete with a green screen, iMacs with iMovie and GarageBand, and everything you need to create your next masterpiece.

Sheridan Library offers a Conference Room that doubles as a Studio. To reserve the Conference Room/Studio at Sheridan, please call 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279). At that time, please indicate equipment you will need to ensure it is available. Please review the Studio guidelines, below, prior to calling to make your reservations.

The Kelver and Davies Libraries offer mobile studio resources. Please talk with library staff or call 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279) to book the equipment and space.


Equipment* includes tools for music, graphics, video and more.
Tools include:

  • iMacs with iLife and design tools
  • Guitar
  • Audiobox
  • Microphones
  • Scanner
  • Analog Video to Digital Video Converter
  • 3D Printer
  • Keyboards
  • Speakers
  • Pioneer DJ Station
  • Headphones
  • Green screen
  • Lacie hard drives
  • Digitization station

* Some equipment may not be available at all locations. For more information on equipment please call 303-LIBRARY.

Software tools include:

Room usage:

  • Three hours maximum.
  • Light snacks and covered beverages are permitted in the Recording Studios.
  • Be mindful of closing and of others, please finish projects and organize used equipment a half hour before leaving.
  • Room capacity:
    • Smoky Hill's Studio allows up to 3 people
    • Southglenn Studio's Video Recording Room allows up to 7 people
    • Southglenn Studio's Audio Recording Room allows up to 3 people
    • Sheridan Studio allows up to 3 people

If you need technical assistance during your visit, please Book a Studio Librarian before making a reservation.

Note: If a group has not arrived or called the library to report a delay within 15 minutes of the time they were supposed to begin using the room, staff may allow others to use the room.

To reserve the Conference Room/Studio space at Sheridan Library, please call 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279).

Check out these Studio band recordings:

"August" by Ben Lacy

"Fly For Me Now" by Sun-Dried Nanners