Recording Studios

What are the Recording Studios?

Smoky Hill and Southglenn Libraries offer a soundproof Recording Studio, complete with a green screen, iMacs with iMovie and GarageBand, and more. Reserve a Recording Studio to use the space on your own. If you need assistance, schedule an appointment with a Studio Librarian before making a reservation. 

The Sheridan, Kelver and Davies Libraries offer limited Studio equipment. Visit the mobile studio page for information or call 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279).


Equipment* includes tools for music, graphics, video and more.
Tools include:

  • iMacs with iLife and design tools
  • Guitar
  • Audiobox
  • Microphones
  • Scanner
  • Analog Video to Digital Video Converter
  • 3D Printer
  • Keyboards
  • Speakers
  • Pioneer DJ Station
  • Headphones
  • Green screen
  • Lacie hard drives
  • Digitization station

* Some equipment may not be available at all locations. For more information on equipment please call 303-LIBRARY.

Software tools include:

Studio guidelines:

  • Three hours maximum.
  • Light snacks and covered beverages are permitted in the Recording Studios.
  • Be mindful of closing and of others, please finish projects and organize used equipment a half hour before leaving.
  • Room capacity:
    • Smoky Hill's Studio allows up to 3 people
    • Southglenn Studio's Video Recording Room allows up to 7 people
    • Southglenn Studio's Audio Recording Room allows up to 3 people
    • Sheridan Studio allows up to 3 people

*If you need technical assistance during your visit, please schedule an appointment with a Studio Librarian before making a reservation.

Note: If a group has not arrived or called the library to report a delay within 15 minutes of the time they were supposed to begin using the room, staff may allow others to use the room.

To reserve the Conference Room/Studio space at Sheridan Library, please call 303-LIBRARY (303-542-7279).

Check out these Studio band recordings:

"August" by Ben Lacy

"Fly For Me Now" by Sun-Dried Nanners