Smoky Hill Recording Studio

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Studio Equipment

DJ Station
2-channel controller 



Handheld Mic


Samsung 52X Optical Zoom HMX f80

Connected to Mac in Studio

Drum Pad 

48 assignable pad combinations
18 assignable potentiometers

Audio Interface & Microphone 

Scarlett Focusrite
8 analogue inputs
2 instrument inputs
24-bit/192kHz digital conversion

Green Wall

Includes ceiling track lights


Studio Software

Audio Recording and Editing
Adobe Audition
Garage Band
Logic Pro X
Serato DJ

Video Recording and Editing
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Media Encoder
Adobe Premiere Pro
Final Cut Pro

Photo Editing and Digital Art
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

Graphic Design
Adobe Illustrator

Web Design
Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Animate

Video and Audio Kits for Check Out

If you'd like to take studio equipment on the road, take a look at these kits available for checkout. To borrow an A/K kit, request a one-on-one helpopens a new window appointment. Please submit your reservation requests at least three (3) days in advance as an appointment with a librarian is needed before checking out an audio or video kit.

Nikon D3400 Camera Kit

Record video at 1080/60p Full HD video or capture five photos per second.

Nikon Camera Kit includes:

  • Nikon D3400 camera with lens, charger, strap, user manual
  • Manfrotto Tripod

Wired Lavalier Kit 

Wired Lavalier Kit includes:

  • One (1) Sony Lavalier Microphone
  • One (1) XLR cable

Boom Kit

Capture clear, directional audio on all your subjects when you use a boom microphone and boom pole.

Boom Kit includes

  • One (1) Rode Boom Pole
  • One (1) MKE 600 Boom Microphone 
  • One (1) XLR cable
  • One (1) Shock Mount (not pictured)

Wireless Lavalier Kit

Record audio with this lavalier (also called lapel) mic. 

Wireless Lavalier Mic Kit includes:

  • Audio-Technica Wireless Microphone Set

3 Point Lighting Kit

Illuminate and enhance your subject in your photography and videos with 3 point lighting.

3 Point Lighting Kit includes:

  • Three stands
  • Three (3) softbox diffusers
  • Ten (10) photofluorescent bulbs 

Zoom Kit

Record four-track audio for movies, music, podcasts and more with the Zoom H4n Pro. Pairs with any of the Mic Kits.

Zoom Kit includes:

  • One (1) Zoom H4nPro Handy Recorder