Native Peoples, Wild West

I am always looking for new resources that support learning in our school-aged community, whether it's for homework, classrooms, or homeschooling. Here are some series about Native Peoples, Westward expansion, and American frontier life. Native Peoples These series present information about Native American nations describing their history, clothing, food, social roles, hunting customs, religious beliefs, interactions…
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Borrowing History

Let's Find Out...about Borrowing History! Borrowing History (aka Reading History), is a feature in the catalog that will keep a record of all the physical items you have borrowed from us. Borrowing History is not automatically turned on, so you will need to log in to your BiblioCommons account and enable it. Once you enable Borrowing…
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Follow Me!

The catalog has this nifty feature that allows you to follow people. Why would you follow someone? Maybe it's your favorite librarian who creates amazing recommended reading lists. Or it could be your best friend or sister who shares the same taste in books, movies or music as you. If you don't already have someone…
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