Presidential History

Presidents Day is the third Monday of February. Check all out things presidential! Like history, secrets and trivia or firsthand accounts of White House life? Discover books about secret service agents, trivia and more.  Learn more about the most famous addresses in the world, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House. Hike to the ruins of the Summer White…
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In Memoriam: Lorna Doom

Lorna Doom (born Teresa Ryan), bassist for the Los Angeles punk rock band Germs, passed away on January 16 at age 61. Germs formed in 1976 and were known for their high-speed hardcore punk sound, a sound that would influence the LA punk rock scene along with many of those taking shape across the country…
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Fantastic Friday Track: Ibeyi

From ArapahoeBethW: Meet the Franco-Cuban twin sister duo, Ibeyi. “Ghosts” is our choice track from their self-titled debut album (2015). From start to finish, Ibeyi is a hauntingly beautiful work of art. Euro-soul meets Afro-Cuban, mixed with hip-hop, Yoruba chants and down-tempo electronica. Their father, Cuban percussionist Anga Diaz, played with bands like Buena Vista…
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