Dial Back Screen Time Anxiety with a Family Media Plan

Let's hear from Betsy, an early literacy librarian, about screen time. We frequently hear from parents who are concerned about the excessive amount of screen time being experienced by their children (let's be honest, some excessive adult consumption is occurring, too). Considering that too much screen time can interfere with language development in children, sleep, […]

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App Review: Toca Nature

Think of this app as Minecraft for preschoolers. In Toca Nature, children get to design their forests with mountains, different types of trees, and lakes and rivers. Not only are kids getting a sense of maps and environments, they're developing fine motor coordination! As they build, animals populate the forest. Bunnies, birds, wolves, etc. Now […]

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Creativity Catapult

Our early learning speaker, Lisa Regalla, works with the Bay Area Discovery Museum in San Francisco. Their team at The Center for Childhood Creativity has developed great activities to strengthen creativity in children ages 2 to 10. Check out the site, Creativity Catapult. Your kids will have so much fun with these games that they'll […]

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Genealogy Resources

Getting better acquainted with your ancestors? Piecing together family mysteries? We can help! Here are some resources to help you get started. If you would like one-on-one assistance, feel free to sign up for a Book-a-Librarian appointment at one of our libraries. Online Genealogy Resources Ancestry.com (at library) The library edition of the popular genealogy […]

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Celebrate Comics!

Since the earliest days of comics, beginning with comic strips like The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck by Rodolphe Topffer in 1837, readers have fallen in love with the complex art and writing captured in their pages. Now more than ever, there is something for everyone. Check out some favorites and hidden gems from your comic […]

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Best databases for teachers

At Arapahoe Libraries, we have a lot of online resources for teachers to use in the classroom, both for continuing education (formal and informal) and resources to use for your students! Please note: To use these databases in your classroom, every student will need an Arapahoe Libraries card. Every Colorado Resident is eligible to sign […]

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How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher About Bullying…

If you suspect your child is being bullied... (adapted from www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.org)  Document all of the bullying incidents your child mentions and include where, when and who was involved.  Meet with your child's teachers in a friendly, non-confrontational way. Be as honest and respectful as you can. The teachers want to help you and your child, […]

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Help Your Child with Homework

Use these tips to create a homework routine for your child, and attend our Student Success Workshop at Smoky Hill Library: #1. Make a homework routine and stick to it! Choose a space and time that your child will dedicate to homework everyday. This space should have all the materials such as paper, pencils, scissors […]

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