Fines and Fees


Overdue Notices
Patrons may choose to receive overdue notices by email, phone, or text. Overdue notices are issued two weeks after an item is due. If you choose notification by email or text, you will also receive a courtesy reminder notice two days before an item is due.


  • 20¢ per item per day (Exception: Electronic devices, which accrue overdue fines at $2/day; laptop fee: $10/hr after a 15-minute grace period).
  • There is a grace period of two days, after which fines are assessed when the item is checked in. Fines are assessed from the original date due and start at $0.60.
  • Fines do not accrue when the library is closed (e.g., for a holiday, staff in-service, severe weather or other emergency).
  • Fines do not accrue on children's materials.
  • Due to high volume, check in of returned items may take a few days. We backdate materials checked in to the date they were returned; at that time, any incorrectly accrued fines are removed from your account.
  • The maximum (overdue) fine that will be placed on a patron record for overdue materials is $10 per item (excluding the above exceptions and children's materials). All items are subject to replacement fees if not returned.
  • Electronic device returned to book drop: $15, if device is undamaged; the replacement cost is charged if the device is damaged.

Payment Options

  • Pay online using a credit card by logging in to your library account. Payment amount must be at least $2.
  • At the library, use a credit card at the self-check machines. Payment amount must be at least $2.
  • See a library staff person for assistance with paying with cash or by check.

Account Restrictions

  • Unpaid fines of more than $10 block checkout of additional items.


  • All items are subject to replacement fees if not returned. Bills are sent for most items at 50 days overdue.
  • Collection Agency Fee: Library card accounts with balances due of more than $50 and an item overdue by 65 days are referred to a collection agency. A collection agency fee of $10 is assessed.
  • Children's materials do not accrue fines but will result in a replacement cost if not returned within 30 days.
  • Non-Sufficient Funds Fee: When a check is returned to ALD with Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), a $25.00 fee is added to the amount of the original check.
  • No overdue fines are charged to patrons age 62 and over. Please tell us if you qualify.


An item overdue by 50 days is considered lost and the replacement cost for the price of the item is billed to the patron’s account. Children's materials are billed when overdue by 30 days. Due to cataloging and processing requirements, we do not accept replacement items from patrons.
Format Cost
Audiobook – 1 disc $10
Adult Book Club Kit – Entire $100
Adult Book Club Kit – 1 Book $10
Check Out Colorado State Parks – Backpack $8
Check Out Colorado State Parks – Binoculars $25
Check Out Colorado State Parks – Park Pass $70
Children & Teen Book Club Kit – Entire $60
Children & Teen Book Club Kit – 1 Book $5
Dash Robot $199
Device Accessories (case, cord…) $10
Dot Robot $30
GoPro Camera $250
iPad Minis $250
Kit – 1 piece $10
Laptop $500
Magazine – Adult $4
Magazine – Children's $2
Mobile Hotspots $70
MOBIUS Items $40
MonoMouse $145
Nook Tablet $150
Playaway View Cord $15
Prospector Items $40
Sphero $100
All Others Replacement Cost


Item Cost
Book Bags $1
Computer CD-R Disc $1
Earbuds $1
Black & White Prints or Copies 10 cents/page
Color Printing 25 cents/page
Color Copies 25 cents/page
Used Books Friend's Bookstores
Food & Beverage Coffee Shops